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Partners Plus for the Life sciences industry

Success in the Clinic Creates New Opportunities… and Dilemmas

Your leading drug candidate looks very promising as it moves through pre-clinical and clinical development. Perhaps your drug has finished phase 2 and about to enter phase 3. Perhaps you are concluding your 2nd pivotal trial. Maybe you have brought your lead compound through the lab and through the clinic, and you are ready to submit the NDA. You and your colleagues have completed an awesome task.   But…How will you really bring this drug to market?   

Questions to ask when exploring commercialization of your product.

Let us explore the solutions to these questions together and conquer the challenges you will face.   As you move toward
commercializing your new drug, PartnerPlus Group will bring their expertise to bear as these important factors are evaluated. 

Market Analysis & Development 
The focus of the PartnersPlus Group process is driven by the analytical data derived from the initial market....      more

Riembursement and Distribution
If you sell your product, how do you know you will be getting a “fair” value for it? Will you look back with regret ...       more

Marketing and Sales Management
Key to the successful launch of your drug is the formulation of a comprehensive multifaceted plan. ...      more